The Artist's Studio

Located in the heart of Mushin, Kunle Adeyemi Studios is the place where creativity is unleashed without fear or favour.

According to Dr. Kunle Adeyemi, 'If any artist will ever make significant progress in his art, it must first of all begin from his studio.' Therefore, the studio must always be busy and full of creativity. In the Studio, Kunle explores new techniques and materials as experimental artworks which more often than not comes out much more successful than expected. In the light of this, a wise artist would not be far from his studio.

Kunle Adeyemi trains students who visits him or those posted as Industrial Attachee from their various art colleges. Moreover, because of his wide range of exposure in art, he facilitates art / printmaking workshops around the world. He has also executed a lot of commisions such as Stain Glass Windows, Mosaic on Walls etc.

The studio is at No 48, Oduduwa Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.

My sea of inspiration flows from my subconscious through the sociocultural as well as the political ambience in consonant with the art scene in Nigeria and around the world. - Kunle Adeyemi

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